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Project 63 – Vintage Air update

First we removed everything form the engine bay accept the engine and we repainted the engine and engine bay then we re-installed the new brake booster, master and radiator.

We are making good progress on the Vintage Air Gen IV installation. I completed moving the Alt to the driver side using Alan Grove adapters and a wiring harness. We installed the under dash set up, the electronic dash controls, under dash vents, duct work and compressor. We also completed routing and terminating the heater hoses.

There were several recommendations to not route the hoses through the fresh air vent but I decided to go ahead to make the look a little cleaner. I am not sure I am happy with the drivers side vent placement so at some point I may end up getting the later model vent.

Unfortunately 3 of my 4 condenser mounting brackets were missing so I have not been able to complete the condenser install yet. We still have the electric hook ups to complete but it is getting close now.

We also completed installing the clock and new (old look) am/fm radio. Now to insulate the floor and start the carpet and interior installation 🙂






Project 63 – 4/28 Progress

I made a good amount of progress on project 63 this weekend. After weeks of tear down and cleaning finally I am to the point of re-assembly 🙂

The engine bay paint and engine paint is complete, finally got the repainted valve covers back on with new decals. I re-installed the batter mount and I started putting the wiring back in place. I also had to paint the new A/C compressor and Alt brackets so they will been to dry overnight.

I ean into a small issue when installing the lower pulley  I found out one of the 3 holes in the harmonic balancer was stripped. Fortunately I had an extra balancer so all is good now.

I re-installed the freshly repainted exhaust manifolds and I installed a new fuel pump, water pump and repainted thermostat housing.

I completed installing new brake shoes, wheel cylinders and rubber brake lines all the way around. Now I am just waiting on the master cylinder to come back form being re-sleeved.

Lastly I started final shaping of the fiberglass tunnel replacement. I just have a little more glass work then I can start installing the heat treatment for the floor.

Project 63 Vintage Air Arrived Today

The UPS guy just dropped off some gifts, the Vintage Air Arrived for Project 63.