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Project 63 – Interior Progress Update 5/13/13

I am finally making good progress on the interior. I was able to get the Second Skin heat mat down and I got the whole rear compartment other than the storage trey installed last night.



Project 63 – 4/28 Progress

I made a good amount of progress on project 63 this weekend. After weeks of tear down and cleaning finally I am to the point of re-assembly 🙂

The engine bay paint and engine paint is complete, finally got the repainted valve covers back on with new decals. I re-installed the batter mount and I started putting the wiring back in place. I also had to paint the new A/C compressor and Alt brackets so they will been to dry overnight.

I ean into a small issue when installing the lower pulley  I found out one of the 3 holes in the harmonic balancer was stripped. Fortunately I had an extra balancer so all is good now.

I re-installed the freshly repainted exhaust manifolds and I installed a new fuel pump, water pump and repainted thermostat housing.

I completed installing new brake shoes, wheel cylinders and rubber brake lines all the way around. Now I am just waiting on the master cylinder to come back form being re-sleeved.

Lastly I started final shaping of the fiberglass tunnel replacement. I just have a little more glass work then I can start installing the heat treatment for the floor.

Project 63 week 3 – Tunnel Repair

Well I am now in week 3 of Project 63 and there has been a lot going on. I started prepping for the Vintage Air install and while removing the old heater system I started to pull back the carpet to find it was pretty well dry rotted so I removed the old carpet. Once I removed the carpet I uncovered a very poor tunnel and rear diff fiberglass repair. I cut out the old areas and I ordered a replacement section and tonight I was able to get the first layer of new glass grafted into the new area .

While I had the top side of the tunnel apart I went ahead and changed out the rear pinion and transmission pinion seals and installed new U-Joints. I also de-greased and painted as much of the chassis that I could see from the top side and I installed a new front diff rubber mount.






Pink Floyd Week 26

We made really good progress this week. We tackled some of the harder items this week such as the dash pad installation and the windshield frame Assembly. I also finished up all of the electrical wiring and completed the cluster and dash insert installation.

You will note in several of the pictures I am contorting under the dash trying to install a few items. Also we finally got a few shots of the guard dogs helping out in the shop, not too much guarding, more waiting for milk bones 🙂



Pink Floyd Week 25 (Look mom, no teeth)

This is a typical TN car, no teeth 🙂 Ok the grille teeth have not been installed yet but Pink Floyd will soon have teeth again.

We finally got the chrome back from being redone so we made a bunch of progress getting trim and bumpers re-installed. I also completed 99% of the wiring, just a few items to button up once the new dash pad gets installed.

The new black stayfast top arrived this week so once we get the windshield installed the to can go on.

The big job this week will installing a new dash pad, putting the windshield glass back in the frame and re-installing all of the door latches and window mechanisms.  We also need to get the gas tank back in the car.