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06/14/15 Project LS-56 Progress

Made a little more progress on Sunday, got the body all bolted down and shimmed, got the doors on and aligned, got the instruments all installed, installed some of the bumpers then the side flags and fuel injection letters.

Next I need to install the new wiper system, I have not been looking forward to that.

 Installed the new instruments.


Installed the flags and fuel injection markings.


Installed and Aligned and  the doors.


Speedometer Reface

I finally got the new laser etched glass painted and installed so the speedometer reface is complete.


This what it used to look like.


Project LS-56 Body Drop 1st Try

This was our first attempt at mounting the body. Who knew (not me at least) that the passenger side head of an LS engine sits further towards the back of the car then the drivers side. When we put the body on the chassis the passenger head was rubbing the firewall thus the new pocket and a few days lost on the build. At least it took space away from the passenger side and not the drivers side.


OK, after a bit of fabrication and finishing the firewall pocket is complete and all painted. Now the body is ready for it’s final mounting (At least I hope it is final).

Project LS-56 Gets some paint

We are finally at the point where we added some color to project LS-56.



Project LS-56 Now Has Primer





Primer finally went on Project LS-56 this weekend. Now comes more sanding.

IMG_8776 IMG_8775 IMG_8774 IMG_8773 IMG_8770 IMG_8769 IMG_8768 IMG_8767 IMG_8766 IMG_8765 IMG_8764 IMG_8763 IMG_8762 IMG_8760 IMG_8759 IMG_8758

Debby got the LS1 engine, TKO-600 transmission and the hydraulic clutch system installed in the 56 Corvette today!

Debby got the LS1 engine, TKO-600 transmission and the hydraulic clutch system installed in the 56 Corvette today!

_DSC3521_DSC3497 _DSC3501 _DSC3503 _DSC3504 _DSC3512 _DSC3510 _DSC3507 _DSC3506 _DSC3515 _DSC3516 _DSC3517 _DSC3531 _DSC3530 _DSC3529 _DSC3528

Project LS-56 – Trunk Build

The spare tire well in the trunk was cut out to make room for the new chassis independent suspension and exhaust leaving a large hole in the trunk. I cut the flat part out of the old wheel well and grafted it back into the trunk to make a mostly flat trunk now. You will also notice two bumps glassed in the trunk. I created these using plastic mixing cups as a form and this was to make room for the exhaust pipes to route over top of the new rear end set up so they can come out of the bumpers as they did when the car was new.



Trunk 2

Project LS-56 – Body Work Update 9/1/2014

My friend Dennis has made a lot of progress on the body finish work and it is almost ready for high build primer. Now I have some rough structural homework to complete like building a trunk floor and flattening out the firewall before Dennis comes back.


_DSC3364 _DSC3365 _DSC3366 _DSC3367 _DSC3407 _DSC3408 _DSC3409 _DSC3410 _DSC3411 _DSC3412 _DSC3413 _DSC3414 _DSC3415 _DSC3416_DSC3417Trunk 2

Project LS-56 has begun – 56 Corvette

Well may latest project a 56 Corvette (Project LS-56) finally made it’s way into my garage tonight. The car has an after market performance chassis with late model Corvette suspension and I have a 400 plus HP LS1 Corvette engine to drop in the project. I just got it back from a friend’s shop where he installed all of the new white fiberglass parts with current technology fiberglass. It looks rough right now but after a little of my Corvette magic this car will be awesome!


Pink Floyd Is Alive!

We finally took the car for the first drive! We now have 45 miles on it and after fighting several leaks we think it has stabilized.