Project LS-56 9/1/15 Update

Let’s see, a lot of progress since last update. 

We finally made some noticeable progress on the car this weekend. We were able to get the weather seal installed on the deck and trunk lid and we were able to get them both installed and aligned. Once we had the deck lid on then we bonded in the glove box to align with the deck lid. Also got all of the chrome and latches installed in the deck lid and the lock assembly on installed on the trunk.

The doors inners/windows are complete but after the car settled a little I need to take off the door panels and re-align the doors to fit the opening a little better.

Got the brakes bled and filled the radiator with water to check for leaks.

We got the interior complete except for bolting the seats down and kick panels so we only have the soft top install and the hood left to install on the body.

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