8/5/15 LS-56 Project Update

The engine bay and A/C installation is now complete. I finished up the last 2 custom A/C hoses and I am now vacuuming the system down. I used the EZ-Clip system to make the A/C hoses, that was very easy once I got all the right parts 

I also got the door posts and all of the door latches and locks installed in the doors. Now I need to install the rear tracks, glass and window chrome.

Under the dash is pretty well buttoned up also so now we are almost ready to install heat treatment on the floor then the interior.

It is getting close now, have to test the electric, bleed the brakes, fill the fluids then prime the engine with oil before we start it. Hoping it will only be another 2 weeks.20150806_13262220150806_132643 20150806_13263220150806_133033 20150806_132727_001 20150806_13271420150806_132739 20150806_13265720150806_133015 20150806_132926