7/5/15 Project LS-56 Update

I have been making progress on the 56 Corvette but have not posted many pictures because when you are doing the wiring pictures do not look like much progress smile emoticon I have almost all of the under dash wiring complete and all of the engine and front wiring is complete.

Today I managed to complete the steering shafts with the 3 u joints and a custom bracket my friend Allen Pezo made up for me. Also got the radiator installed and the fan wired.

I also got the fiberglass transmission tunnel cover repaired and grafted back into the car.

About a week ago my friend Richard Brodeur came over and saved my by helping me put the new glass in the windshield frame, will mount it on the car soon.

Still planning on having the care ready by end of July thought it seems everything is taking longer then I anticipated 🙂

IMG_9224IMG_9225IMG_9229IMG_9223IMG_9226IMG_9221 IMG_9220IMG_9227