7/26/15 LS-56 Project Update

Made a little progress this weekend, most all of it was custom fabrication.

First thing, all of my air cleaner part came in so I now have an air cleaner.

I was able to install the new gas peddle and cable it all up.

The next thing I tackled was the hydraulic clutch. I bled it then when I hit the peddle you had to be superman to push the peddle down. I soon did a little math and calculated the law of leverage and found I could not use the factory peddle location. I had to drill a hole higher up on the rod and now peddle pressure is great.

The next thing I soon figured out since there is a tremendous amount of pressure on the clutch master the fiberglass firewall needed reinforcing. So the next few hours was pulling the steering column and clutch master to gut out a thick piece of aluminum and drilling all of the holes then a reinstall of everything. After reassemble it is now rock solid.

The next item was making custom brackets to install the A/C evaporator under the dash (where it was never intended to live) then to finishing the A/C wiring and I had almost all of the parts to complete the custom A/C hoses to the compressor. A few more ground wires and the vent hoses and the A/C will be complete.

I also made some progress finishing the fuel lines on the new fuel injected tank I picked up from CC. I also installed a classic instruments fuel sender. Then it was on to modifying the gas tank cover to accommodate the fuel pump for the fuel injection lines. I still have a lot of finish work to do now 🙂