7/12/15 LS-56 Project Update

It is looking more like a car now the windshield is installed. Got all of the wiring complete except for the A/C and electric parking brake. Also got the headlights and buckets installed and installed and aligned the gas filler door.

The big task was to get the windshield on so I could finish up under the dash installing the A/C.

It seems like I do things 3 times πŸ™‚Β While installing the condenser and the trianary switch I realized I did not run a wire up to activate the compressor so apart came all of my nicely routed wires so I can send up one more wire. Now I think the front is finished and it is time to install the grill.

I fabricated some mounting brackets for the condenser and I managed to make some tubes from a 1960 Vintage Air kit work on the 56 to get the hoses through the core support.

I am also installing an electric parking brake and I found out I needed to run one more wire to the trunk for that also πŸ™‚

I completed connecting the fuel line to the rails and I finished up making the brake lines to go from the mater to the metering block.

I spent an hour at the NAPA store in the back going through all of their hoses with my coat hanger design to come up with 2 hoses I could cut down to made the Dewitt LS radiator to the Vintage Air Front Runner. They turned out great!

I also got the rear bumpers installed.

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